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Eastward Travels, Abraham Hulzebos - oprichter en directeur Eastward Travels, Abraham Hulzebos - oprichter en directeur Eastward Travels, Abraham Hulzebos - oprichter en directeur  Eastward Travels, Abraham Hulzebos - oprichter en directeur  Eastward Travels, Abraham Hulzebos - oprichter en directeur

Abraham Hulzebos

Back in 2006, I travelled to Russia for the first time. It had been on my ‘To Do List’ for many years then, but I never found the time to actually go. Nowadays, I am extremely happy that I found that time. Because Russia is fantastic! There is no other word for her. During the last decade I really compensated for the fact that I kept on postponing going here. As since then, I travel to Russia at least 3 times a year.Moscow, St Petersburg, Siberia, Urals, Altai, Along the Volga, Vladivostok, Samara, Volgograd, Kazan, Elbrus, Lake Baikal, Tuva, and so on. I saw it all, simply because I could not get enough. Still, I am extremely excited about Russia. Because it hides many more treasures and undiscovered places. Could it be differently? Russia is the largest country on our planet and tourism and her industry are just starting to find a way to help discovering her.

But there is more than Russia. Much more. Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, all these former Soviet republics are hardly on the tourist map. Strange, to say the least, as they have an incredible potential to become top holiday destinations. They have so much to offer: Culture, History, Mount Kazbek, Old churches, the Silk Road, Registan, the Pamir Highway, Astana, Almaty, splendid food, Aral Sea, Nagorno-Karabakh, Tbilisi, Yerevan. Just to mention a few. And all of these places are largely unexplored.

And then there is India. Back in 1993 I travelled there for the first time. Then, I could not imagine that, 25 years later, I would still feel excited about this country. Over the years, I have heard so often, that my eyes start shining and happiness comes over me, whenever I have the chance to talk about India.

From that very first time I was in India, I still remember how fascinated and intrigued I was to walk around. It was like a movie in which I was the main character. At every corner I discovered something new, something different. I inhaled a completely new world with all my senses. They worked overtime to deal with the people, colours, smells, temples, nature, mountains, crowds, food and so on.

I truly believe that all these countries deserve more attention and more visitors. And  I would like to show you why. Therefore, I can present you this website. Together with a lot of local people, who are all doing their utmost to promote their country, I developed several trips to known and lesser known parts of these countries and regions. Every year we offer several group trips to places that are screaming to be discovered.

Just come and discover these fascinating countries!

Abraham Hulzebos